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Home Renovation: Hire For This

Most often, when we plan for home renovation the first thing that comes into our mind is DIY. You might have been inspired by The Property Brothers or have some experience and skills on renovations, either ways doing it yourself is a good way to renovate your home especially if you are in a tight budget. However, there are home renovation jobs that require the expertise of professionals. There are jobs that should be left to professional property developers Perth due their complexities and risk factor.

Here are three factors that you should consider in deciding whether you do DIY or hire a professional:

  1. It is too risky. There are renovation jobs that are unsafe for you to undertake. If you make a mistake while updating your electrical lines, the result could fatal and you can cause considerable to damage not only to your property but to the entire neighborhood as well.
  2. It can cause significant damage. Painting your home is no big deal if you made some mistake you can just simply repaint it. But if you are dealing with structural upgrading you must leave it to the experts because if done badly, it can cause significant damage to your house. It does not only delay the renovation but it can also cost you a substantial amount and affect the value of your home as well.
  3. You are not qualified. There are renovation jobs that require special licence or permit. If the job requires a special licence or permit, it means it is beyond your DY expertise.

Here are some of the renovation works that you should hire professional home builders Perth to work on it:


Electrical works are too risky. One mistake can take your life and burn your house down. This job requires the expertise of a certified and licensed electrician.


Pluming works may not as risky as electrical jobs but it can cause significant damage to your property if not install properly. In Perth, you need to have a license before you can carry out plumbing jobs.

Gas fitting

Gas fitting is too risky for your health and your property, to be DIYed. Gas fitting requires the expertise of a license professional. Most of the license plumbers are also licensed gasfitters, so you have one person to do both.


There are simple roofing tasks that you can DIY like replacing few tiles. However, most of the roofing renovations should be left to the hands of the professionals. Mistakes in installation can cost considerable damage to your home, not to mention the substantial cost it may incur.

Structural work

There is no need to spell it out. Any structural renovation should be done by a licensed professional. Don’t ever try to DIY structural work – it is a perfect recipe for disaster.


What Does It Take To Become Building Inspector in Perth

What Does It Take To Become Building Inspector in Perth

There is an increasing number of building inspectors in Perth, but what does it take to become a professional building in Perth, Australia. As of the moment, there is no acknowledged building inspector qualification in Perth. The job of a home and building inspector is very important ensure the safety of the people occupying the home or building. If a building inspector fails to do his job properly, it might result to costly repairs or even cost life. That is why it is imperative that being a building inspector you need to have the appropriate knowledge and skills to perform your job efficiently and effectively.

What does a building inspector do?

Normally, a building inspector perform a building or home inspection by examining the condition of the building, most especially its structure, to determine if there is a problem with the building. If there is, the building inspector will determine of what is the extent of the defects. Then, the building inspector will provide a complete and comprehensive report of his findings.  The report of building inspector has a strong influence in the planning and construction of the project. A building inspector will also make sure that building is in compliance to building codes.

What skills building inspectors need to learn?

As a building inspector you need to be knowledgeable in various aspect of building construction. Since, you will be responsible for assessing the safety and liveability of a building you also need to a have good background on electrical installation, plumbing, HVAC and other aspect of house construction. You also need learn about building codes and other legal stuffs concerning construction and safety.

A good building inspector possesses a technical mind that has flair in problem solving. He must also possess a good communication skills as well as leadership skill. The most essential skill the building inspector needs to have is the great attention to detail. He must have knack of finding flaws in the building which untrained eyes cannot easily detect

To be a proficient building inspection, you must have extensive knowledge and experience in the construction industry. Being good in mathematics or engineering is a plus if you want to pursue this field. To become an accredited building inspector in Perth, you need to undergo vocational training as well as a Construction Induction Card.

Being a building inspector is a good career. The pay is good and it is in demand. All you need is to equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to become a certified building inspector.