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Touring Caravan Storage and Insurance Premiums

Most of the touring caravan owners don’t use their caravan all year long. While caravan is not on the road, it needs to be stored in where it is safe and secure. Unluckily, not all touring caravan owners have enough space on their garage to store their mobile homes. You may be unaware of this, but where you store your touring caravan greatly affects its insurance premiums. The safer the storage facility for your caravan, the cheaper your insurance premiums will be. The reason behind this is obvious, if your store your caravan in safe and secure place it is less likely to be damaged or stolen.

Let’s explore different storage options for your touring caravan to help you choose what is best for you.

Open Air Storage

Storing your caravan in an open field such as driveway, backyard, parking spaces is the most economical option. There are some open air storage sites that have security systems and hard standing areas where your touring caravan is safe. However, storing your caravan in an open air storage area will definite increase the caravan insurance quotes mandurah since your property will be exposed to elements and prone to theft.

Off-site storage

There are many off-site storage facilities for your caravan that offers different levels of security and charges. You can have a pretty good insure premium if you store your caravan in an off-site storage facility. However, not all off-site storage is acceptable to insurance companies. Check out the security measures of the site before, for without proper security measures insurance company will probably not agree to give insurance coverage.

Specialized storage

There are storage facilities that specialize on storing caravans. They can be expensive but you can score big when it comes to Mandura caravan insurance quotes. Most of these specialized storage facilities have been assessed and approved by Caravan Storage Site Owners Association.

Of course, if you have space in your garage it would also a great place to store your caravan. Whichever storage facility you choose, I hope that your touring caravan will be safe and secure as possible.


Four Things To Consider When Buying A Mobile Caravan

Buying a mobile caravan is quite different than buying a fixed home but it can also be intimidating and exciting experience just like buying a traditional home. Nowadays, mobile home is getting popular as many families and individuals appreciate the benefits of living in a mobile home. One the biggest advantage of a mobile home is its portability. You bring your home anywhere you want to live. Imagine the freedom of being able to live where you wanted to live. It is very beneficial to people with jobs that requires them to move frequently. Also, mobile caravan is more affordable that traditional homes.

Buying mobile can be a little complicated and confusing. Some of the mobile caravans are very attractive outside but its inner parts are not of good quality or not in good condition. To ensure that you get a good quality mobile home, it is important that you inspect the vehicle thoroughly from inside and out to make that you don’t need caravan services for repair in a long while.

Here are four things you need to consider when buying a mobile caravan.

  1. The Climate

It is important to choose a mobile caravan that is suited to the climate of the place where you live. There are caravans that do not have appropriate insulation which means it is not suited for place that has freezing temperatures. Other mobile caravans are not made to endure hot and humid climate. Caravans that are not suited to your climate may require frequent repair.

  1. Plumbing and Electrical Installation

The plumbing and electrical system is one of the most essential commodities in a home, whether it is mobile or not. Make sure that you thoroughly checked the plumber and electrical connection for any damages and problems. You don’t to live in a home that has faulty electrical connection and problematic plumbing.

  1. Moisture, Molds and Pests

Moisture can be damaging to a mobile caravan. Once moisture seeps in, molds are expected to follow. You don’t want to buy a home that is in such poor condition, since it is more prone to have pests hiding under the furniture or wall cracks too. You don’t want to investment on a property that would require spending a large amount of money for Caravan repairs Mandurah.

  1. Odd Sounds

Talk a walk inside and do some poking. If you can hear any odd sounds, it is an indicator that the caravan is not in good condition.